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Published on 23rd September 2017


Information Security Architect / Intelligence Analyst / Computer Scientist / Human Rights Activist / COMSEC / SIGINT / TSCM

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Assassination is usually defined as politically inspired murder. The term is probably derived from the Arabic word for hemp (Hashish), which was apparently used by Hasan-ban-Sabah (c. 1034–1124) to induce motivation in his followers. These “hashishins” or assassins were assigned to carry out political and other murders, usually at the cost of their own lives. Thus, at the etymological level, there is already a connection between assassination and compounds derived from nature.

Poisoning is usually undetectable during its administration, though substances may be detectable post mortem.

Alexander Valterovich Litvinenko (Russian: Алекса́ндр Ва́льтерович Литвине́нко; IPA: [ɐlʲɪˈksandr ˈvaltərəvʲɪtɕ lʲɪtvʲɪˈnʲɛnkə]; 30 August 1962[2][3] or 4 December 1962 by father’s account[4] – 23 November 2006) was a former officer of the Russian FSB secret service who specialised in tackling organised crime[1][5] – according to US diplomats, Litvinenko coined the phrase Mafia state.[6] In November 1998, Litvinenko and several other FSB officers publicly accused their superiors of ordering the assassination of the Russian tycoon and oligarch Boris Berezovsky. Litvinenko was arrested the following March on charges of exceeding the authority of his position. He was acquitted in November 1999 but re-arrested before the charges were again dismissed in 2000. He fled with his family to London and was granted asylum in the United Kingdom, where he worked as a journalist, writer and consultant for the British intelligence services.

During his time in London, Litvinenko wrote two books, Blowing Up Russia: Terror from Within and Lubyanka Criminal Group, wherein he accused the Russian secret services of staging the Russian apartment bombings and other terrorism acts in an effort to bring Vladimir Putin to power. He also accused Putin of ordering the murder in October 2006 of the Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya.

On 1 November 2006, Litvinenko suddenly fell ill and was hospitalised in what was established as a case of poisoning by radioactive polonium-210 which resulted in his death on 23 November. He became the first known victim of lethal Polonium 210-induced acute radiation syndrome.[7] The events leading up to this are a matter of controversy, spawning numerous theories relating to his poisoning and death. A British murder investigation pointed to Andrey Lugovoy, a former member of Russia’s Federal Protective Service, as the prime suspect. Britain demanded that Lugovoy be extradited, which is against the Constitution of Russia, which directly prohibits[8]extradition of Russian citizens. Russia denied the extradition, leading to the cooling of relations between Russia and the United Kingdom.

A Midsummer Night’s Nightmare

Problems started after Chamaree Silva parked herself in my house, stating that she was having personal safety issues in the vicinity of her home.

[insert evidence]

I felt compassion for her as she is a single mother and I believed the lies she told. Once residing at my house she embarked on a campaign of poisoning and exfiltration of data.

[insert evidence]

On 21 October 2015 I discovered an incredible amount of cellular jamming and the subsequent day I was poisoned by her and was seriously injured in a Staged Road Traffic Accident.

The statement that was produced by her was false and I realised a few weeks later after my memory returned. I also noticed that there were electromagnetic emanations coming from her and her glasses with the name ‘Manchester’ were unusually heavy and she took incredible care when handling them.

In fact even before then, I was poisoned and fell in the street – around 3 weeks to the day from memory. Obviously they had realised how to incapacitate me and on that day I had fallen whilst walking and hit my head on the pavement.

I told my mother but she could not care less and argued with me, and even went onto trivialise my heart issue. I knew that law enforcement had gone around by that point, and that was a useful indicator that I would be continually called a liar…

insert evidence

Silva was the one who cooked the food and cooked separate non-vegetarian meals for me. After a while I began to feel sick and was getting agitated for the slightest thing.

On occasions her food tasted metallic but I [incorrectly] put that down to the quality of utensils. Also the water tasted unusual and caused me to have headaches and I felt my blood pressure was lower than usual and then on some days much higher – I was feeling faint and tearful for some time.

My kidneys were hurting and my urine had blood in it as well as my stools – and this also changed from time to time. Some days my mouth was dry and some days I was salivating all over the place, some days I had diarrhoea and on some days I was constipated. I also suffered from parasthesia in my hands but [incorrectly] put it down to ulnar nerve compression.

And I felt continually irritated by Silva’s antics and denials – I have the same issues with my parents who enjoy baiting me in their classless ShitLankanTM way.

Signs and symptoms of Lead Poisoning

Signs of repeated lead exposure include:

Signs and symptoms of Benzodiazepine Poisoning

Following an acute overdose of a benzodiazepine the onset of symptoms is typically rapid with most developing symptoms within 4 hours.[9] Patients initially present with mild to moderate impairment of central nervous system function. Initial signs and symptoms include intoxication, somnolencediplopia, impaired balance, impaired motor functionanterograde amnesiaataxia, and slurred speech. Most patients with pure benzodiazepine overdose will usually only exhibit these mild CNS symptoms.[9][10] Paradoxical reactions such as anxietydelirium, combativeness, hallucinations, and aggression can also occur following benzodiazepine overdose.[11] Gastrointestinal symptoms such as nausea and vomiting have also been occasionally reported.[10]

Cases of severe overdose have been reported and symptoms displayed may include prolonged deep coma or deep cyclic coma, apnea, respiratory depression, hypoxemiahypothermiahypotensionbradycardiacardiac arrest, and pulmonary aspiration, with the possibility of death.[9][12][13][14][15][16] Severe consequences are rare following overdose of benzodiazepines alone but the severity of overdose is increased significantly if benzodiazepines are taken in overdose in combination with other medications.[16] Significant toxicity may result following recreation drug misuse in conjunction with other CNS depressants such as opioids or ethanol.[17][18][19][20] The duration of symptoms following overdose is usually between 12 and 36 hours in the majority of cases.[10] The majority of drug-related deaths involve misuse of heroin or other opioids in combination with benzodiazepines or other CNS depressant drugs. In most cases of fatal overdose it is likely that lack of opioid tolerance combined with the depressant effects of benzodiazepines is the cause of death.[21]

The symptoms of an overdose such as sleepinessagitation and ataxia occur much more frequently and severely in children. Hypotonia may also occur in severe cases.[22]

Schizophrenia has Matching Symptoms

  • Amnesia
  • Loss of balance
  • Slurred speech
  • Ataxia
  • Bradycardia
  • Agitation
  • Hypotension
  • Aggression

Edward de Saram Continued where Silva Left Off

When EDS turned up at the beginning of December 2015 I noticed that the nonsense seriously hotted up.

However EDS kindly (or so I thought at the time) bought a load of beers and alcohol and I drank a few of those. I am not one that drinks heavily as I need to have a clear mind for my work.

Shortly after the failure of Raymond Callingham to get the HMRC forms signed, Edward de Saram (“EDS”) turned up around 03 December 2015 and then things went crazy. His dim gaslighting antics aside, I began to seriously feel unwell.

Ray Callingham’s failure with his HMRC form meant that probable cause needed to be faked.

This is the time when EDS was deliberately running various frauds against me, gas lighting all the time, and acting in a bizarre way. He left the key for the front door in the garden and was also telling KSA Perera what to say and how to act. Some of these are on video and audio.

EDS started contaminating the water and here is a bottle that was actually spiked:-

[insert evidence]

Shihara the Owl Cat did not want to drink the water and whenever I drank it I had a headache which lasted hours afterwards. I was also feeling dense, and for a genius it is a fate worse than death to go from Genius Joe to Average Joe.

Around that time EDS was involved in the Fake Probable Cause and the Fabrication of Crime Scene Construction (as opposed to Reconstruction) and it was becoming really irritating in fact.

He was involved in the poisoning of Shihara the Owl Cat and that is when I really was being deliberately broken down by him – the tort is Intentionally-Inflicted Emotional Distress (“IIED”).

 EDS and PDS Second Trip around mid-December 2015

Here things were getting worse – I was wondering why they were reluctant to eat with me and also when they did eat they ate hardly anything and were keen to only eat from certain parts of the packets of rice.

Additionally, my health began to deteriorate rapidly from around the Monday (14th December 2015) and I wondered what was going on.

EDS antics worsened and then I definitely felt I was being poisoned. I began to get really thirsty as well as agitated all the time and felt depressed and suicidal for no reason – things were on the up until these Sad Fraudsters turned up trying to convince me that I was imagining everything and that I had a problem. They simply ignore forensic evidence and everything else that they could not understand – how convenient is that?

Whenever I said anything EDS would get angry and abusive and say I was paranoid or hallucinating, and it was causing an immense amount of stress. The behaviour of EDS and Praxy de Saram (“PDS”) is outrageous at the best of times and I am completely sensitised to their nonsense over 45yrs.

I became a prisoner in my own home, and EDS was going around messing with everything which was just irritating me no end – I hate it when people pull my stuff as I do not label anything but can memorise the contents of devices merely by their location.

I knew the pair of them were up to something and they were not relenting. They kept asking me the same pointless questions over and over again and were harassing me continually.

The symptoms that I was now having were as follows:-

  • Difficulty with speaking
  • loss of balance control
  • muscle trembling, jerking, stiffness and weakness
  • restlessness irritability
  • shuffling walk
  • uncontrolled movements, especially of the face, neck, and back
  • Blurred vision
  • dizziness
  • headache
  • increased blinking or spasms of the eyelid
  • nervousness
  • dry mouth, problems swallowing and I was incredibly thirsty
  • heart beat became very slow as well as irregular, and rapid too
  • low blood pressure that made me tired and faint continually
  • breathing problems
  • sweating profusely
  • nausea and vomiting
  • clumsiness
  • plus a mysterious one which I will write about in another article 🙂

Schizophrenia has Identical Symptoms

It was obvious that I was being poisoned and my defences were being weakened for the actual crime they were planning.


This was the feature of their nauseating behaviour that I succumbed to – they were continually ‘pushing my buttons’ and they knew what buttons to press. SO when I got angry they then used that as a basis that I had a mental problem. It was utterly disgraceful but that is the type of breeding that pervades Sri Lanka.

Additionally they were scheming around me and conspiring with third parties – when I called them out on it they flatly denied it and accused me of having paranoid schizophrenia. However the audio recordings that I have of them making calls to the very third parties I suspected at the time, merely confirms their fraud.

But how did I know at the time that I was being poisoned?




Information Security Architect / Intelligence Analyst / Computer Scientist / Human Rights Activist / COMSEC / SIGINT / TSCM