The Importance of Immunisation

The Importance of Immunisation

The Importance of Immunisation (±x)

Published on 4th March 2017


Information Security Architect / Intelligence Analyst / Computer Scientist / Human Rights Activist / COMSEC / SIGINT / TSCM

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This post is about the Government Contractor Defense (“GCD”) and how various adversaries of mine have failed to recognise the fact it covers the type of work I perform and the clients I associate with, from issues arising from product liability as well as a more limited application to service contracts.

In my situation the application of GCD is far too complex to explain here especially due to the existence of a number of upstream intermediaries, though this article serves as a quick introduction to the type of issues I face because of the nature of the work.

In any event there are other ‘arrangements’ which ‘protect my ass and my assets as well’ and those remain confidential for reasons obvious enough, and also cover the upstream (and downstream) parties.

As an architect I absolutely hate it when people copy and/or steal any of ‘my stuff’. Edward Snowden may have had balls but he still broke the law – 18 U.S.C. 541/793 is crystal clear.

The Eye of the Tiger

As many Linkies would have realised from my articles and posts here, I have demonstrated significant experience in overcoming fairly hardcore tactical exercises from law enforcement. Their unlawful attempts to yield results which have been designed to break me invisibly, achieve nothing apart from getting their [inept] techniques exposed on LinkedIn.

The Questions People Ask:-

(a) ‘what does Joe actually do?’

(b) ‘why is Joe always ten steps ahead?’

(c) ‘why should law enforcement be interested in Joe in the first place?’

(d) ‘who will ultimately win?’

(e) ‘should I be dumping Joe like everyone else in Asia?’

What does Joe actually do?

Well that is a very interesting question and the hardest to answer. From 1992 and the days of Integrated Systems Research Ltd (“ISR“) the projects involved cryptographic technology and Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (“C4ISR“).

Here is an example video about ISR from Northrop Grumman, although an association with NG is neither confirmed nor denied:-

My work then became a little more ‘money laundering systems design’ and ‘counter-terrorism’ projects via Rhodium PLC:-

and subsequently financing transactions.

Before my emergency surgery in September 2011 to resolve some heart issues (SGD 27,576) things were going pretty well:-

although life became a struggle after that, as I could not speak properly for 3 months.

I was working on applied cryptographics and weaponised software just like in the old days, which comes under munitions (military hardware):-

Why is Joe always ten steps ahead?

That is an easy question – I identified the massive potential of ISR and Information Security before my peers so I have been doing it far longer. I also invested heavily to become extremely skilled, and focussed on working with people who were far better than me – it was always a struggle but it ‘kept my mind fresh’.

Additionally the level of the work that I have experienced is well-above the standard for even the best law enforcement agencies. Nothing confirms the experience better than my methods of dealing with a live [unlawful] operation, and that is why I am not fazed by the nonsense.

Also being 16yrs ahead of the UK Government is a nice touch!

Coupled with training that commenced in 1993 from certain organisations, I can identify and address hybrid threats ‘with my eyes closed’, before they have a hope of materialising.

As such matters that would be ‘stressful’ for the Average Joe, is ‘just another day in the office’ for the Genius Joe. In fact the present techniques are laughable and I publish information on LinkedIn so our commercial associates do not worry about adverse things that parties [including but not limited to investigators and/or law enforcement] have circulated as part of disinformation.

In fact it is their tortious interference that I have identified and am now addressing. The lies they propagate is a lot worse than the harassment surveillance.

We can both keep our mouths shut but they have chosen to try and get their ‘doom and gloom’ in first to furthers their objectives and polarise everyone against me. I therefore reluctantly have to explain a few items to try and allay the fears of others (not mine as I have no fears in relation to this).

Why should law enforcement be interested in Joe in the first place?

I have always had a relationship arising from ghostwriting Expert Testimony and Forensics therefore the simple answer is ‘the work I do’, but also:-

(f) the ‘Company I Keep’ – ie clients/contractors);

(g) the ‘Companies I Keep’ – asset protection mechanisms and tax-efficient structures;

(h) the Melbourne Fraudsters – Margaret Cunniffe, David Brown, Simon Thompson;

(i) agents of the Melbourne Fraudsters, who propagate the same lying themes;

(j) adversaries who want to cripple me and/or Rhodium financially;

(k) their own ignorance and misinterpretation of extremely complex scenarios.

Third parties at a lower level of intellect and experience do not have the capacity to understand that which is occurring. As a defence mechanism (this is particular true in Australia, Sri Lanka and Singapore) they will ‘fear the worst’ and ‘pre-empt failure to brace themselves for disappointment’. They also end up seeming ‘confident’ which is the Dunning-Kruger Effect.

However their irrational actions actually cause their worst fears to materialise as a ‘self-fulfilling prophecy’. Quite bizarre of course but that is a massive flaw in the timid South Asian culture as well as demonstrated in ‘average’ countries such as Australia 🙂

As such the words that they are able to process are ‘arms-dealing’, ‘money-laundering’, ‘fraud’. In fact I can simply say these words on a phone-call and the person on the other end will cough or another phone will ring!! Other keywords such as ‘usb drives’, ‘data’, ‘discs’, and ‘defence’ are also of interest.

Who will ultimately win?

Well me obviously, but not because I say so.

The work from the early days has specific defences in law in relation to immunity for defence contractors, which extends to parties that they sub-contract work to such as ISR or Rhodium or I.

Regardless of the unlawful and blatantly fraudulent exfiltration of data as well as planting of evidence and wholly deficient chain of evidence, my underlying defence is sound – it is that simple. Their theatrics fool no-one of any significance.

The specific case law confirming Government contractor immunity, was first articulated by the U.S. Supreme Court in Boyle v. United Technologies Corp. , 487 U.S. 500 (1987).

Government contractor immunity claims by third parties are subjected to a three-prong test. Liability cannot be imposed when:-

(1) the United States approved reasonably precise standards;

(2) fulfillment of the contract conformed to those specification; and

(3) the supplier warned the United States about known dangers.

All three standards naturally apply to the everyday design of computer software and associated network infrastructure, both of which are my areas of expertise of course. Me ‘keeping my mouth shut and covering for powerful associates’ comes under (2) and is in the agreements between me and my upstream handler. The NDAs are extremely tough.

In turn they are contracted under parallel terms to the ultimate provider who has actual contract with the US Government. The concepts of NTK and Least Privilege apply and in fact I know of about 20 levels above Top Secret 🙂

The 20 January 2016 decision of the US Supreme Court in Campbell-Ewald Co. v. Gomez, No. 14-857, which relates to ‘derivative sovereign immunity’ and is not relevant, although is the most recent decision from memory.

My work with ‘mysterious clients that I obfuscate the identities of’ is still something that I cannot be prosecuted for because the work is genuine, which ensures that the financial position is genuine, and the tax computations are correct.

It is particularly relevant to clandestine-type operations and therefore provides a solid defence in relation to matters concerning Integrated Systems Research Ltd, Immortal PLC and Rhodium PLC, and subsequent asset structures and special purpose vehicles.

A Complete Defence

By way of the historical provision of specific computer hardware

and how it really works:-

and asset protection:-

I can meet the higher threshold of proof and therefore have a complete defence to any allegations of impropriety.

Law Enforcement are Plain Wrong

Accordingly law enforcement are sadly misguided in their prospects of success, and their continuing representations to third parties in relation to the strength of their case is fraudulent.

Their failure to properly verify the perjurious statements of the Melbourne Fraudsters and their agents, instead relying upon parties that the Melbourne Fraudsters have in fact manipulated (who are certainly not disinterested witnesses) is a colossal failing.

The end result is Rhodium and I sustaining massive commercial damage, as well as the serious deterioration in my health thanks to the existence of a malicious prosecution, and their ‘investigations’ ahead of that.

As such I am simply ‘enjoying’ their ineptitude until I am fit enough to fly, quantify asset positions and structures and live in the UK again. I am lining up a massive claim for damages against various organisations and the Melbourne Fraudsters in fact.

Investigation is an absolutely normal part of law enforcement – however, their injurious falsehoods when they should have checked my background thoroughly AND they should have properly verified the statements of the Melbourne Fraudsters, is not something that I am going to be tolerating for one second longer.

Should I be dumping Joe like everyone else in Asia?

It is obvious that my enemies are trying to manipulate parties into attacking me from all directions, and lying about me to cause me harm by compounding time constraints. As it happens we have sent around 250,000 e-mails to various parties in the last few days.

My advice would be that they deal with those rather than demonstrating the self-victimisation and schadenfreude which they seem to prefer.

People in Asia suffer from GroupThink and are unable to make individual decisions that they would actually benefit from, preferring to mark time and go nowhere because others also go nowhere. They apply no critical analysis to that which they have been told and they will soon learn that they are ‘sheep being driven over a minefield’.


I have taken all prudent and of course intelligent steps to ameliorate the situation caused by the fraudsters and tortfeasors but whether parties wish to engage with me/us is entirely their prerogative. The time for ‘pushing sh*t up a hill’ has passed, permanently.

In fact given the frauds of three attorneys in Melbourne and one in Singapore that caused me the recent congestive heart failure issues and 3 months off work, I prefer if people with an issue simply deal with our UK lawyers – there will be an announcement this week hopefully.

Apart from that I am more than happy to engage with people of the Western Culture and those who can consider situations objectively, and of course Asians who are able to compartmentalise various facets of their life properly, and demonstrate independence of thought and clarity of mind 🙂



Information Security Architect / Intelligence Analyst / Computer Scientist / Human Rights Activist / COMSEC / SIGINT / TSCM