Paedophiles and Paranoia

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Paedophiles and Paranoia

Paedophiles and Paranoia (±x)

Published on 7th January 2017

Joseph S R de Saram (JSRDS)

Information Security Architect / Intelligence Analyst / Computer Scientist / Human Rights Activist / COMSEC / SIGINT / TSCM

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I was frankly stunned to see how an ex-CIA Counterterrorism Analyst Phil Mudd made such an outrageous allegation against Julian Assange on 04 January 2017, calling him a ‘pedophile’ on a live CNN broadcast.

First and foremost, the CliNtoN News Network is not a reliable source of news, as can be seen by the self-serving biased diatribes it has been directing at President-Elect Donald Trump.

Secondly it seems that targetting specific individuals for smear campaigns has become the norm for everyone who does not ‘toe the [political party] line’.

Some ‘ex-CIA Analyst’ talking nonsense does not change the factual position – Phil muddying the waters fools no-one except the Sheeple that believe that which they see on the tv.


I read another pointless article, this time on Bloomberg disparaging Julian Assange, dated 06 January 2017 and entitled The Unraveling of Julian Assange .

I particularly love the way that the piece is under the National Security heading and states “The real issue is Assange. The founder of WikiLeaks has a history of saying paranoid nonsense.

Julian’s ‘history’ is providing copious volumes of factual information, which is damning virtually all of the time.

As someone who has had access to clandestine information, not merely classified, I am astonished to see how Eli Lake can even make such an assertion. It seems that every time an Average Joe discovers something that ‘Big Sibling’ does not like, there are teams to put us in line.

Actually this has happened to me too, in 2000, when I correctly identified that the UK Security Services were unlawfully accessing the calls of UK Residents, mine included:-

First and foremost Julian is not being unravelled, and Eli Lake is writing a narrative to ‘talk up’ the position, and to describe that which ‘he would like to happen’ by the continual doom and gloom.

Secondly, I see the amount of credibility destroying material aimed at Julian to be almost overwhelming. As I am on the receiving end of signature nonsense daily I really can understand how he must be feeling.

Donald Trump

I had a quick look at the ‘Donald lost the popular vote’ saga that we have been hearing about. From my quick analysis, it seems that California alone was responsible for Shillary Clinton’s ‘popularity’. Clearly one state does not represent the views of the other 49 and if California and those Celebrity Clowns are removed, they show that she would have lost by 1.4 million or so in the ‘popular vote’!!

Psychological Operations

In the cases involving Julian and I, these are merely psychological operations designed to overwhelm us, decimate credibility and effectively soften us up for a future event.

Unfortunately for both of us, who incidentally have an incredible amount of signature issues which I will write about next week, the outrageous issues that are perpetrated by the governments that we are describing, have a factual basis.

Kieren McCarthy called me paranoid in November 2000. And then during December 2015 I was termed Paranoid again and someone conveniently wiped 10 terabytes of Forensic Evidence, which would have exonerated me.

However, a year later I have RECOVERED a significant amount of that forensic information and it REALLY DOES put the Australian and United Kingdom Police in the Poo!



I have been writing about the fact that I am neither Paranoid nor a Paedophile for months, and then we see both terms used by the mainstream media against Julian within days of each other!

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Joseph S R de Saram (JSRDS)

Information Security Architect / Intelligence Analyst / Computer Scientist / Human Rights Activist / COMSEC / SIGINT / TSCM