How I Met Big Brother – GeniusJoe v MI5

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How I Met Big Brother - GeniusJoe v MI5 (Β±x)

Published on 18th August 2017


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The UK Surveillance State

The above video confirms the UK’s obsession with electronic surveillance and human rights violations in the present. The Investigatory Powers Act 2016 is illegal.

However as many people know, this obsession is not a new thing and it is in fact public knowledge that I was the first person to discover and publicly disclose the fact that


unlawfully obviously

I am sure MI5 would understand that my jokes about it in the present are just friendly banter. I have a lot of intelligence information in Hong Kong SAR that I could provide to MI5, obtained over 15yrs. I would do so with ‘no strings attached’ obviously as I am a UK Citizen and I do not need to plea bargain with anyone for anything:-


‘Boobs On The Ground’

I think it would be unfair to MI5, for me to only focus on the fact that ‘MI5 Put Me Out of Business’, because they had HM Customs & Excise / National Criminal Intelligence Service (“NCIS”) as a handicap:-

MI5 put me out of business

This is the Text of the article concerned, which appears as in a normal typeface. Our Analysis is presented in Bold:- MI5 put me out of business; Internet tycoon with GBP 1m debts blames spies as he denies fleeing his creditors FIRST AND FOREMOST JOE...

Recovered Evidence – 600 Days On

Around the beginning of August 2017 I located some e-mails from the past and the astonishing thing is that I had not seen them for years. They appear to have been copied onto my systems, then wiped, and then I have recovered them looking for other items!

This is incredibly weird and it would suggest such evidence has been planted and then wiped after investigators recorded it, but wanted to ensure that I did not have use of it.

I would also state that these e-mails were solely contained on the USB drives that JV Lasantha Priyadarshana stole and the fact that they have reappeared again does re-confirm my evidence in relation to Parallel Constructions and grotesquely deficient and blatantly fraudulent warrants.

Evidence of Parallel Construction

20170324 INITIAL William Binney, an ex-NSA employee introduces the concept of Parallel Construction, in which information obtained unlawfully is...

Or another party involved in military intelligence and who does operate in Sri Lanka, who also ‘has my back’ from the old days has surreptitiously put them on our systems to give me a boost – so in the event that it is the latter I say ‘Thank Jew Very Much’ to them πŸ™‚

E-mails between Greg Sinfield and Robert Hartley of Lovells and I from 2000

The following are various e-mails between Greg Sinfield, the UK’s top Indirect Taxation lawyer in the late 90s who was at Lovell White Durrant, and was handling an HMCE matter for me.

I understand that Greg is now a Judge of the Upper Tribunal (Tax and Chancery) but he was incredibly intelligent, a brilliant lawyer of course, and had the most fantastic sense of humour that I have ever seen from a lawyer!

Hogan Lovells hires QC as new head of indirect tax

Hogan Lovells has hired Michael Conlon QC as its new head of indirect tax in London. Conlon will join Hogan Lovells in July 2012. He replaces Greg Sinfield, who retired in January 2012 to take up an appointment as a judge of the Upper Tribunal (Tax......

Robert Hartley is also doing well at Mishcon de Reya and I last spoke with him a couple of months or so ago.

I have to say I had been missing these adventures with HMCE and it is so nice of HM Revenue & Customs (“HMRC”) to keep me in their thoughts after all these years:-

How My Recovery's Coming HMRC

20170507 UPDATE - RAY CALLINGHAM HMRC FORM FRAUD EXPOSED / DONALD EVIDENCE OF 'DONALD' 20170503 INITIAL I have been scanning drive surfaces...

August 2000 E-mails

So as the following e-mails show, around August 2000 I was referring to “a great deal of harassment” and “dangerous driving by cars in pursuit”.

“Chasing me around airport” is when I had clowns with guns following me around Charles de Gaulle Airport (“CDG”) on 22 August 2000 – that is another episode entirely and a really meaty one in which Interpol got involved – I will publish that at some point SOON πŸ™‚

Remember, CDG is an Airport, an airport has recorded video via security cameras, so just press PLAY if you want to SEE what happened!

But the bottom line is that I STILL need to bring a claim for damages against Customs, arising from various frauds that they were running. Maybe I should simply add it to my current claims as I am well within the 6yr statute of limitations even for the lower standard of malfeasance?

In the following e-mail, Greg advised me “you must obtain hard evidence, eg photographs, car registrations numbers, descriptions, names and addresses.”

Well that’s interesting, so me taking photos and tracking fools using car number plates in the UK at the time, (and Sri Lanka more recently) is actually advice from someone who is now a UK Judge?

Wow all this time I thought I was just a paranoid schizophrenic! Ha ha!

However Judge Greg:-

no I said Judge Greg:-

does confirm that:-

“More seriously, you do have rights to privacy and not to have your property interfered with unlawfully”.

Quite correct, Your Honour!

Greg continues “The coming into force of the Human Rights Act 1998 on 2 October 2000 can only help you in enforcing those rights and/or obtaining damages for any breach of them.”

You know, nothing says ‘Joe was right’ better than criminal convictions against the perpetrators and the awarding of massive damages in my favour. That’s MY focus!

The Elephant in the Room

Greg is hilarious when he states “although when walking in the bush we were chased by an elephant which looked suspiciously like Tony Cotton.”

Tony Cotton is of course the elephant who thought HMCE had a winnable case against me, and whose role has now been reprised by Simon Vincent Breguet Thompson, as the obsessive fool who goes around in his sad delusion of being part of a ‘big case’, yet concurrently completely ignoring the fact that my defense-type work in applied cryptographics gives rise to its own defences – meaning ‘quasi-criminal activity’ may have occurred but it is not triable! Duh!

Immunity Agreements are only provided when there is something ‘naughty’ that needs immunity from, so things will obviously ‘appear dodgy’ for that reason!

Should my adversaries still want to bring a case that has zero prospects of success, then I look forward to challenging all decisions made under Public Interest Immunity Certificates! MINISTERS BEWARE!!

My next e-mail is quite interesting – I do confirm that “We do have photos and allsorts”. The same applies to the fools in LK, SG and AU in the present of course.

As can be seen I raise the question “if it is not Customs then who could it be? I cannot see any other organisation who is ‘official’ and who is so clumsy.”

Step forward NCIS, the clumsy predecessor of SOCA who was the even dozier predecessor of today’s NCA.

However it is clear from the e-mail that I “will be back in the UK after my flotation is completed here”.

I was in Sri Lanka not because I was ‘fleeing’ – it was Public Flotation of Rhodium PLC which would have raised USD 40 million!

HMCE obviously did not want that to happen as then I would have hammered them even more.

And also the whole ‘Rhodium PLC Liquidation thing’ was bizarre because anyone with half a brain would have allowed a USD 40 million flotation to occur to settle GBP 1 million of apparent third party liabilities.

I do however, like the part I wrote of “PS Let me guess, the elephant who looked like Tony Cotton served a penalty notice for evasion of VAT on another elephant called Nellie who was thinking of joining a circus.”

We had fun times as can be seen, despite the extremely serious situation – none of us were fazed in any way! The same applies now to my current ‘issues’ πŸ™‚

October 2000 E-mails

Greg states “Your story of harassment by MI5 and Customs is quite incredible”, meaning ‘Your account is hard to believe, but not necessarily false.’

As can be seen the MI5 issues were documented, in writing, at the time, and Rhodium PLC matters were progressing well, despite the HMCE bullshitters going around slagging me off πŸ™‚

Confirmation of MI5 Involvement

As I have written “I have had it confirmed that MI5 got involved as a result of Tony Cotton and Richard Spotwood.” and also “they did not like the way I could keep financing our defence and therefore made up malicious rumours to discredit me and prevent another defeat.”

I see in 2017, that this signature bullshit has not changed πŸ™‚

However note that I write “I have had it confirmed” meaning someone else has corroborated the position in relation to MI5. Given the fact that MI5 is Military Intelligence, then only another Military Intelligence organisation or a Government could confirm that irrefutably.

Remember a theory is not irrefutable evidence, and in fact a mere theory is not evidence at all!

Irrefutable Evidence

I also wrote “MI5 have been led to believe that I am some ‘underworld kingpin'”. My assertions are quite specific and such specificity could only come from rock solid evidence that I had been provided with at the time. When I was writing to Greg in October 2000 I was making factual statements, exuding confidence.

Such confidence only arises from the existence of robust evidence that can take down a Government – whereas in August 2000 (from the e-mails above) I was asking “if it is not Customs then who could it be?” – I did not know at that time for sure…

Even in 2017, my demonstrable confidence is a direct result of forensic evidence that I now have which can utterly smash a case, not just collapse it. I have not disclosed it though my earlier idea of using it as a ‘shield’ is out because I am now going to use it as a ‘sword’.

Even in 2000 I was talking about “harassment”, “Customs… engaged in criminal activities” and “in the circumstances we require full details of why such activities were sanctioned and who made the decisions.”

My legal basis was to quash authorisations after ascertaining the decision-makers. I already knew it was MI5 and so did not require the name of the lead organisation. I was however expecting the UK Government to rely upon Public Interest Immunity Certificates to prevent disclosure of this sabotage of Rhodium PLC.

Bare Denials

NCIS was already denying involvement and even denying knowledge of me when Sam Lister of The Times called them. In fact they were so cocky with their statements – we did not even get the usual ‘neither confirm nor deny’ response!

As in 2015 onwards, the 2000 warrants were fraudulently obtained (or non-existent) and MI5, MI6 and GCHQ were engaged in utterly unlawful behaviour towards UK Citizens themselves.

I had thought the journalists would be more interested in the Human Rights Abuses implication but they were apathetic to my situation, along with everyone else.

Greg also raises an interesting point of Human Rights when he states “The chairman became very excited at the prospects of a human rights argument based on the fact that this is a quasi-criminal matter and you were interviewed without being cautioned.”

Yes I realised that I was not cautioned when interviewed (twice in fact) so I gave Dot Cotton and Dick Cockwood something like this, in which I just obfuscated the names by choosing some contacts that Margaret already said would assist:-

Remember, changing the names of parties is not fraud – it would only have been fraud if there was no underlying transaction.

Actually I made some printable CDs called ‘The Usual Suspect’ with the audio recordings of the interviews – if anyone has them please send them my way πŸ™‚

Clowns to the Left of Me, Jokers to the Right

Unfortunately from 2015 my dozy lawyers have been asking me questions on behalf of law enforcement, and in fact acting in the capacity of agents of law enforcement, without me being cautioned.

Questions are being asked in this way to defeat my Human Rights, and more importantly to get a feel of that which I may or may not say at a later date.

However, even then and now, there is no quasi-criminal or criminal matter that would succeed against me because of that which I was actually doing at the time and subsequently, and if I am not formerly cautioned then I will say what I ‘bloody well like’ (say this in a Yorkshire accent!)

Interestingly this Human Rights issue is not related to the surveillance of theft of evidence in 2000, but it does confirm HMCE’s systemic deficiencies and inability then (and now) to act within the law.

Also, Sir Arthur C Clarke was getting e-mails from the UK government telling him that “[Joe] was a criminal and not to get involved in any business with [Joe].”

Does this sound familiar in 2017? Now you know where this dim strategy comes from πŸ™‚

And as always there is the theme of ‘military grade cryptographic technology’ which my adversaries cannot design or lay their hands on.

Early version of Xencrypt Technology

Does this sound familiar as well?

Greg referred to one of my e-mails in which I had written “In terms of proof, I cannot reveal my sources, but they are British Government sources”. Greg continues “Customs have made so many mistakes and missed so many opportunities in your appeal.”

Greg also confirmed “With more focussed input and some evidence from you, you could have a reasonable chance of winning the appeal and recovering the unpaid VAT” – it was around GBP 300,000 that HMCE owed Rhodium PLC.

The thing is, I was TRYING to be focussed, but I had HMCE going around shitting everywhere – I was also working on my ‘naughty work’ at the time and the Americans were getting pissed with me.

Around GBP 7 million that was stuck with the Americans was the bigger issue that I was trying to resolve, and I had put around GBP 6 million of my own money IN to Rhodium to clear third party liabilities.

And HMCE were getting parties to steal my evidence and wiping stuff no end – their history of ‘boarding ships looking for contraband’ and the ability to issue their own ‘Anton Piller Orders’ has no effect on data in an information age. I recall Peter Knight of Vizards discussing the APO concept with me around May 1998 in fact.

MI5 Taught Me Alot

It is in part thanks to the same MI5 that I have become brilliant in Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures:-

MI5 Put Me IN Business

I read an interesting article today about Mass Electronic Surveillance and was pleased that a fellow Fellow Kevin Cahill FBCS CITP has the courage to...


The answer is astonishingly simple, id est the ‘naughty work’ in relation to Fake Banks and Trusts (meaning Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism) is this article:-

Dirty Cash!

This is the short version of how I became involved in designing financial systems for fake banks run by governments, which actually opened accounts

And in this article, the relevant text is:-

Just Because You're Paranoid

Summary This article is about blatant Fundamental Human Rights violations. It centres around my absolutely correct identification of MI5 overseeing...

Irrefutable evidence

I knew because the American agents I was working with at the time confirmed MI5’s involvement and there were tonnes of evidence that I was specifically shown by one of the former who visited me in Sri Lanka around September 2000.

It was therefore the factual position.”

Disclosure of Information

This is how it actually happened…

  1. NCIS/HMCE manually reported their information on UK Government databases;
  2. MI5 as the primary organisation responsible for UK Domestic Security, queried those departmental systems;
  3. MI5 provided the information (along with GCHQ’s) to external databases, such as those used by Interpol, and a different system shared with US Intelligence Agencies;
  4. US intelligence were querying those databases in realtime, and using them to update their own agency systems and watchlists;
  5. My colleagues were working with the Central Intelligence Agency (“CIA”) and the Drug Enforcement Administration (“DEA”) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (“FBI”) in relation to our Fake Bank projects, and had very limited authorisation on a reduced-access system. [By way of information City of London Police received updates on the Money Laundering projects] so they ALSO knew;
  6. Automated queries had been set up across numerous databases from around 1993. If my name was ever associated with a ‘military intelligence investigation’, I became a ‘person of interest’, or even if ‘my life was in danger’, notifications would be automatically triggered;
  7. After the Charles de Gaulle Airport incident on 22 August 2000, the cross-border request between UK and FR and Interpol‘s involvement caused my file to be written to, which then specifically triggered the notifications in 6 above;
  8. When this occurred I received a PERSONAL VISIT in Sri Lanka a week or so after arriving, from one of my defence contractor colleagues. He confirmed that NCIS had become obsessed with me, and HMCE had already filed at least one Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty request with US Customs in New York (not US intelligence however, who would have told them to f#6k off);
  9. He also advised that it was HMCE/NCIS who sent a couple of officers to CDG Airport, one of whom was fat, glasses, wore a sad tweed jacket and had a sad moustache. I saw them obviously. They had requested Interpol’s involvement under another pseudo-MLAT which had led to the CDG Airport incident. There was also a ‘white guy in the light blue-checked shirt, fair hair, square haircut, glasses’, and his colleague an ‘Indian guy, short, smelly and wearing, a dark yellow checked shirt’ and they continued the surveillance from the departure lounge and boarded my flight to New Delhi. The Interpol officers were professional though, not like the UK ones who looked like ‘Fishermen from Kent’ πŸ™‚

25 October 2000 – Greg Sinfield’s E-mail

So when I confirmed to Greg on 25 October 2000 above “In terms of proof, I cannot reveal my sources, but they are British Government sources”, the information was obtained via processes 1 through 9, and then provided to me…

The personal visit that I received in September 2000 shocked me greatly, and is why the e-mails in August 2000 express ‘an issue but not sure who it is’ which suddenly becomes October 2000’s ‘precise statements of fact’!

I had obviously seen the names of the parties in the UK who had written to the databases, but it was not they who provided the information directly to me, and I could not reveal the US connection because my immunity agreements were only valid if I complied with all the terms under them. And those were not with the US Government directly but a defense contractor’s intermediary. I am not a US citizen afterall.

The Importance of Immunisation

The most comprehensive account yet assembled of the human rights abuses associated with CIA secret detention and extraordinary rendition operations....

Also I did not want my head kicked in and they had already threatened to harm Margaret so I had no option but to comply.

Playing the Long Game

I therefore just had to wait, SIXTEEN YEARS IN THE END, until:-


October 2016 – UK IPT

On 17 October 2016, the Investigatory Powers Tribunal

The Investigatory Powers Tribunal

The IPT exists to investigate complaints about conduct by various public bodies, in relation to you, your property or communications...

CONFIRMED that which I had CONFIRMED to Judge Greg almost 16 YEARS TO THE DAY, EARLIER :-

U.K.’s Mass Surveillance Databases Were Unlawful for 17 Years, Court Rules

A special tribunal found that British spy agencies maintained secret databases of people’s private data without adequate safeguards between 1998 and 2015...


(a) the ability to maintain databases, means that data must have come from somewhere;

(b) unless there was a specific warrant signed off on or specific legislation in place (which there was not);

(c) then the collection and storage would have unavoidably been unlawfulwhich it was for me and thousands of other Brits!

First Among Equals

As usual I was the FIRST PERSON IN [SOMETHING], this time:-


but covering for Americans meant that whilst I HAD seen forensic evidence, it was not disclosable. And NCIS was lying anyway so I knew that I would get nowhere at that time.

I ended up being labelled with Paranoid Schizophrenia despite being COMPLETELY CORRECT – so I kept my Aerospace & Defence work COMPLETELY CONFIDENTIAL ever since.

That is the reason I did not market myself or appear in newspapers subsequently, not that there was nothing interesting for me to talk about or I was ashamed of something – quite the contrary in fact!

And I never gave up hope that one day the UK government would finally confirm that:-


However I want revenge – LEX TALIONIS – I am a UK Citizen and I am pretty pissed off, that every time my experience in these fields identifies Intelligence Agencies, it is I that has some mental problem!

PS I think the Interpol guy at CDG Airport was called Pierre Doucet or something – it’s been a while πŸ™‚



Information Security Architect / Intelligence Analyst / Computer Scientist / Human Rights Activist / COMSEC / SIGINT / TSCM