Dude, Where’s My Laptop?

Dude Wheres My Laptop

Dude, Where's My Laptop?

Published on 12th February 2017


Information Security Architect / Intelligence Analyst / Computer Scientist / Human Rights Activist / COMSEC / SIGINT / TSCM

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20171101 UPDATE

I am finally about to re-write this article so please have a look at the old version before I do so. Quite interesting how people call me a liar with no evidence yet I WAS using a USG laptop in Australia in 2009/2010 after returning from my Bahamas trip!

20171202 INITIAL

[Sorry this is really badly written – so I am in the process of re-writing it :)]

As many people who need to know, know, I have an interesting line of work which I prefer not to talk about, though I invariably do, but never discuss clients’ names.

However with the recent change of Government in the US, my contacts from the old days have come alive, and I am so happy that The Donald is interested in solid relationships with Israel and Russia. This is a quick draft and I need to switch sections later…

1993 – ISR (“C4ISR”)

George Bush Snr was the Republican in the White House when my work started in 1993 – I mean who do you think taught me about weaponised software if it was not the Americans and Israelis?

 In fact ISR is the 3-letter ISO-3166 code for Israel so it’s all there from 1992 if the perpetrators open their minds or ask a nursery school child to explain it to them.

And once the transactional immunity agreements were thrown into the pot, I could do whatever I liked and could not be prosecuted for the perceived crimes. Obviously immunity agreements are only given if there is a risk of an issue, so the mere fact that they are there means that I was authorised to sail close to the wind…

As an expert in Information Security, with particular specialisation in the areas of Aerospace & Defense and Banking & Finance, I end up getting involved in a number of clandestine projects which are incredibly interesting and pay very well 🙂

Specific laptops have been provided for this purposes over the years. Unlike Hillary Clinton and her e-mail server, hardware platforms must be completely isolated to protect Sensitive Compartmented Information.

Boot-up Sequence

It is clear from the boot-up sequence that ‘US Government Users Restricted Rights’ appears prominently, and this is a feature of equipment in which defence contractors have a degree of joint rights of the technology. I was working for various subcontractors of Defence Contractors as it happens and no governments directly.

My clients are well-connected and extremely powerful which is why I go to extraordinary lengths to protect their identities. Various Fiduciaries and Special Purpose Vehicles are continually utilised for reasons of confidentiality.

And even now The Donald is looking at overturning the Dodd-Frank Act which removes much of the regulation involving Fiduciaries and he is pro-Israeli:-

20100100 Joseph S R de Saram Strategic Defense Initiatives I

Laptops come via an obfuscated route though I cannot recall whether this one was from Bahamas in 2009/2010 or Hong Kong SAR in 2006/2007.

20100100 Joseph S R de Saram Strategic Defense Initiatives II

Various donkeys think the video ‘Strategic Defense Initiatives I’ https://youtu.be/5lDOmovoodk has been altered – it obviously has not and is one unbroken video.

However I located another video of the same laptop which was provided to me for my clandestine work, which started around 1993.

As can be seen my Rhodium business card was continually waved in front of the boot-up sequence before initial program load.

Unlike the fake ISIS videos, there is no slick production here 🙂

Data Rights in Intellectual Property

The following information would assist in determining the meaning of the boot up sequence with my laptop, which regrettably I do not have any more – its evidentiary value would have been immeasurable.

Actually over the years I was provided with a normal laptop, and in fact encouraged to buy my own so that it would not arouse suspicion – imagine being in an internet cafe and ‘US Government Users Restricted Rights’ coming up during coffee!!

How Retarded are my Adversaries?

Given there is already a ridiculous amount of proof on LinkedIn which non-dense parties can understand (obviously ‘non-dense’ does not include many of those in Australia and Sri Lanka in particular, and Singapore too to a degree, and especially my own fraudulent lawyers who all think I am lying), I would simply say that if parties would stop sabotaging our commercial operations, activities, then all would benefit.

As I have stated before, Tortious Interference and Injurious Falsehoods are their own Causes of Action, and I have the audio recordings of four lawyers who have Perverted the Course of Justice by their own Criminal Frauds against me. This is all some game to create the ‘perception of insolvency’ and prevent me deriving an income, and prevent me recovering my health – it is utterly ridiculous to say the least!!

Some files are still corrupted and some are duplicates but I hope this sends a clear signal to the fraudsters concerned:-

I am continually subjected to violence behind the scenes including theft of data and assault from my own parents (which can be defined as Honour Based Violence) which causes my health to deteriorate even further. Unfortunately for them I have the forensic information which nails them and their donkey pals, and their original conclusion about me is also wrong!

It is easy to consider these frauds against me in Sri Lanka in the UK and AU Jurisdiction simply because their detailed review yields Extra Territorial Jurisdiction:-

It is easy to consider these frauds against me in Sri Lanka in the UK and AU Jurisdiction simply because their detailed review yields Extra Territorial Jurisdiction:-

Then the fools at the courts say that I am not complying with judicial proceedings in a timely fashion? Well how laughable is this?

The culture in this part of the world is one of being Two-Faced and GroupThink – it is very easy for parties to become embroiled in their own stupidity and they continue to run their smear campaigns simply because they have other members in the group that will. Quite pathetic actually.

However I have some SPLENDID information that nails parties in the UK too – I would have already used it if I was not feeling unwell. Unfortunately all these fools believe their own lies, and it seems that a simple false explanation is more factual than a complex true one.

HMRC/UK Police Investigators inciting violence against me and having IMSI Catchers which have probably come from Tonbridge and have the name of a Chemical company (which they have forgotten to take off) in late 2015 before the Psychiatric Facility Fraud, is also laughable!!

The same people telling Sri Lankans to open their eyes wide when talking to me as if I they do not believe me (Upali Peris and Dale Gunaratne), as well as opening their shirt buttons when talking to me (Edward de Saram, Ray Callingham on 29 November 2015, Dale Gunaratne, KSA perera around 04 December 2015) is similarly laughable. All part of the theatrical crap, and I have recovered some videos too 🙂

And the little portable DVRs which they have at their waist to record me getting irritated by their antics – wow they are so clever really! I had no idea – NOT!

I obviously know what is going on and have done so for some time and irrevocable trusts which can withstand Mareva Injunctions have been in place since 2009 🙂

Straightforward Estoppel Arguments as well as Perversion of the Course of Justice can be run obviously but the perpetrators cannot seem to grasp that their unlawful actions are the reason for the issues that they now face. I am saving that for another post and these are classic lawyers constructs. So their response is lying some more!

What does it all mean Basil… and the Caribbean Connection?

The reason for the Caribbean is the tax free environment as well relaxed ability to use Special Purpose Vehicles. I am more than happy to explain some of the position and will do once I am feeling better.

My main tax returns were from Rhodium Hong Kong Ltd, and we are in the process of restoring it to the register. Its previous directors were Bahamas entities. But unlike the Panama Papers I fully disclosed the original asset structures.

What is happening is the case against me is a joke, but parties are getting onto the bandwagon and their absence of their cogent argument and evidence is why they run the self-victimisation as well as the ‘common, uniting belief’ as they can all cleanse themselves by wasting my time and harming me. It is actually a massive cabal and I love the way that all these fools are united in their own fraud!


But in simple terms, if my income is settled directly into a trust which I am not the beneficiary of, in order to obfuscate the clients’ identities then the money does not go into my own bank account but it IS earned income.

Physical Receipt of Salary into a Bank Account is Not Required

As such if my tax returns are used to borrow money, then there is no fraud – this is the really dim approach that my enemies are trying, and simply because they are not bright it doesn’t given them a reason to run criminal frauds against me after demonising me and branding me a criminal!!

Determining Annual Income by Mortgage Size

When I have actually have had no taxable income because of ill health and the lies of the Melbourne Fraudsters, then there are no tax returns – there have not been since 2012.


So actually if the previous ones were fake as the fools conjecture, then maybe I could just make some more then use those to borrow with – theirs is an absolute joke to try and confiscate assets. I told Bill Orow yet he played dumb regrettably, and made a number of questionable statements on audio which Linguistic Analysis demonstrate are fraudulent.

Furthermore I am astonished at how dense my lawyers are when they have no clue about the concepts of a Garnishee Order in which money can be taken from source – so if I said I had an income that was running into the tens of millions of dollars in 2012, then that is the position. I am not someone who is bothered about what people think and the tax returns are merely sequelae of my genius. In fact I would not need tax returns running into the millions of dollars if I could manage my low level of borrowings with one at the USD 250,000 mark!

Here’s a simple example – if a man earns USD 500,000 per annum and his wife gets such an Order for alimony payments, then his income is the same regardless of how much actually gets to the bank account!!

If my income has been put into a series of irrevocable trusts and then lent to me, then I am not the Form A owner of those funds. An annoying thing is that the Trustees are also clients for projects that I am working on, and the absence of Professional Indemnity Insurance after 30 September 2009 means that extra funds have been placed as surety.

If I were the beneficiary then I would be telling them what to do but unfortunately the ultimate shareholdings are deliberately complex and bullet-proof for a reason – which means the bearer shares and asset structures have names that I just do not know any more. I had an idea but someone stole that information in December 2015!

After an emergency SGD 28,000 or so operation in Singapore at Mount Elizabeth Hospital in 2011 which was the first heart issue, I could not cope properly living on my own – I will explain at some point. Coupled with ANZ Bank’s rate manipulation things became a mess when I could not speak because of the surgery on my throat and airways to take the load off my heart, which was causing an enlarged Right Ventricle and reduced Ejection Fraction. (Obstructive Sleep Apnoea). Dr Kenny Pang performed the operation.

Someone will look at ANZ again this week as their judgment was obtained fraudulently and I was progressing a counter-claim which Gopal Perumal spectacularly messed up. He is a negligent fraudster as my audio recordings confirm. There are enough articles about ANZ Rate Manipulation and ANZ and their lawyers Harry Elias are heavily involved in the fraud against me, especially involving Ahlers – I have the forensic logs…


However, returning to the tax returns, the absence of funds does not mean that my tax returns are fake – which is the sad line that people are trying to take. And if the funds are are taken from debtors to the trust directly along the line of a Garnishee Order then that DOES explain their absence from my bank accounts but my income is still genuine 🙂

Once I am living in a tax free jurisdiction and I finish the work, then funds can be advanced to me, and then yes, those funds will be in a bank account in my name. However I need that money myself, since my own expenses from 2012 initially were at the level of someone who earns around HKD 500 million not someone who earns zero.

Actually I am so behind on my work and need to sue the Melbourne Fraudsters and the Singapore Fraudsters as these fools are propagating their garbage as if there is ‘no tomorrow’ – well that is true for them, as I have recovered many Audio recordings after a year of struggling with data recovery 🙂

How did the lies start?

There was a Security of Costs decision against me in February 2014, fraudulently obtained as usual by Margaret Cunniffe, David Brown and/or their lawyers McDonald Slater & Lay, Ian Slater and Simon Thompson. They just talk up their case and fill it with Lawyer’s Constructs which are dim enough for Australians and Sri Lankans to believe. They enjoy sending copious amounts of paperwork all over the place which is effectively toilet paper containing ‘very convincing but ultimately flawed legal arguments’ 🙂

I urge parties not to buy into the David Brown-Margaret Cunniffe Fraud as well as their Australian/Sri Lankan/Singapore agents and counterparts despite the various organisations involved, who attempt to give ‘credibility’ to the lies. I will defend myself very easily indeed and with my heart playing up at the moment I am on the war path!

And everyone knows that also their Summary Judgment was fraudulently obtained, except the fraudsters propagating the frauds. And their Substituted Service application which was another Fraud in which they served documents at a Casino that I did not live in, and then lied in Affidavits that I was being elusive or evading service!

More on this later – I can’t work much these days due to this ankle issue, but for the record I’m No-one’s Bitch and if parties want a fight then bring it on 🙂



Information Security Architect / Intelligence Analyst / Computer Scientist / Human Rights Activist / COMSEC / SIGINT / TSCM